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Our Commitment to Macarthur

Our Commitment to Macarthur

The announcement by General Motors last week, that they were retiring the Holden name plate and withdrawing sales operations from Australia was one that surprised many Australians, including myself.

Monday when the news broke, and I can tell you the hurt was as real for us, as it was for those delivering the message.

Our family history and the success of our business has been so closely aligned with Holden, that it took a little while to take stock of the situation, but now a week or so later we have a clearer picture of what it means.

Firstly our business is strong, with a great mix of successful brands. Our people are great and we can adapt to change quite well. We’ll obviously sell out of our remaining Holden stock in the next few months with great offers already coming through. The one message though I need to implore is that our Service and Parts teams will still continue to be here, to look after any Holdens we’ve sold or indeed any we haven’t. We have a commitment to our customers, a commitment to our Macarthur and we’ll be here for the long haul.