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Wakeling Automotive have got this

Wakeling Automotive have got this

There's no doubt the past few weeks have taken a terrible toll on everyone, with so many heartbreaking decisions and uncertainty for everyone. So too at Wakeling's, many of our staff have had partners lose their jobs, and there's certainly been added stress on both the home and work front.

In an era where a pat on the back, a hive five, or a much needed cuddle just isn't possible we wanted to have a gesture that said to every one of Wakeling's 350+ employees, that "we'll be ok".

To be able to walk through the workshop and signal,"we're in this together", to show a jaded sales consultant "we are Wakeling's, to signal to our Yard staff and detailers "we've got this". Waht we came up with was a simple three fingered salute and you can see what its started to mean to us, by how many of our staff are now using the gesture. So if by chance you happen to be at one of our dealership's and see our staff give this signal, you'll know what it means and if you feel like giving one back we'd love that too!